Living room with flooring in Osmo 2K Wood Oil 6111 White




Osmo 2K Wood Oil is a high-quality solvent-free matt 2-component oil based on natural oils for professional use. It forms a microporous and very durable surface – the wood can still absorb and release moisture, which has a positive effect on indoor climate. This product is suitable for parquet and wooden flooring according to DIN Norm 18356 as well as furniture surfaces. It can also be used for nearly all oily and resinous wood species.

With just one coat, a long-lasting, attractive and durable surface is created. Thanks to its high product coverage, only one litre of 2K Wood Oil is needed to coat an area of 40 to 50 square metres in size. Another plus point: thanks to its innovative binding agents, the certified low-VOC surface is already accessible after only one day. Due to its short drying time and its safe low-maintenance surface, 2K Wood Oil is perfect for commercial interiors.

2K Wood Oil - the one-coat system for professionals


> Healthy surfaces

Thanks to the breathable surface protection, the wood can continue to absorb and release moisture.

> Work efficiency

With one coat applied, a beautiful, long-lasting and durable surface is created.

> Especially hard-wearing

Compared to other wood coatings

> Safe for humans, animals and plants

Tested according to EN 71.3 and suitable for children’s toys

> High coverage

Approx. 40 to 50 square metres with only one litre

> Ready for immediate use

Mix, stir and apply

> Flexible in use

Can be used on almost all wood species, including oily and resinous wood species

> Limitless creativity

All 11 colours can be mixed with each other.

> Suitable for commercial interiors

Thanks to the short drying time and the low-maintenance surface

Craftsman buffs Osmo 2K Wood Oil into the wood surface with FloorXcenter.

2K Wood Oil colours


  1. Osmo 2K Wood Oil is not ready to use. Shortly before the application, add the hardener. Ensure that the complete contents of hardener are emptied into the wood coating and that the two components are thoroughly mixed.
  2. With Osmo Double Blade Scraper, distribute 2K Wood Oil to the surface. On chamfered flooring, apply 2K Wood Oil in sections thinly with Osmo MicrofibreRoller, without filling the joints.
  3. Wait approx. 20-40 minutes for the oil to penetrate the wood.
  4. Buff oil into the wood and even out the surface with a single disc machine with a white or beige pad.
  5. Drying time approx. 24 hours (normal climatic conditions, 23 °C/50 % rel. humidity). Lower temperatures and/or higher humidity can increase drying time. Ventilate well.
2K Wood Oil - the one-coat system for professionals


With its standard range of 10 colours and 1 clear variant, 2K Wood Oil offers a lot of design freedom. If the colour should however be something special or integrate harmonious into the existing interior, 2K Wood Oil offers unlimited design freedom.

All colours can be mixed with each other - directly on site - so that your own creativity and even complicated customer wishes are not set any limits. We have put together the most common mixed colours in the following overview. 2K Wood Oil protects your wood with only one coat!

Alle Farbtöne sind direkt auf der Baustelle untereinander mischbar. Das 2K Holz-Öl bietet vielfältige Mischmöglichkeiten für den optimalen Farbton des Kunden.