Exterior Wood

FACING STRONG SUNLIGHT, WIND AND RAIN EVERY DAY, wood in the garden or as cladding has some special demands on its construction and surface treatment. In outdoor areas, it can be utilized in various ways. In the garden, it can either blend into the natural surroundings or stand out making a modern and bold style. Timber cladding creates many different looks: a straight-lined contemporary urban style, a romantic farmhouse look or a rustic Scandinavian appearance.

At our planing mill in Warendorf, various wood species, from European softwoods to more exotic hardwoods, thermally treated and pressure impregnated timber as well as wood polymer composites are cut, sawn and planed into cladding, decking as well as privacy screens and fencing. To please individual tastes, many different surface textures, for example a brushed surface with a pronounced grain, can be created on our timber decking and privacy screens. Our cladding systems have won various design awards and adorn several renowned buildings and outdoor complexes. Many of our most popular wood products are those that are factory finished with our own natural oil and wax coatings, stains and finishes.

The garden wood products and timber cladding from Osmo are unfortunately unavailable outside of Germany. However, this combination of planing mill and coating plant provide an optimal set-up to develop high quality coating systems, finishes as well as cleaning and care products specifically for wood.

Questions and Answers

We have put together a collection of frequently asked questions for you, and we hope they are of assistance. Do you still have some unanswered questions? Contact us at info@osmo.de

Osmo sells exclusively to specialized dealers with their own warehouse, but a small selection of products is also available at DIY stores. Direct sales to end consumers are not possible. Via our dealer search, local dealers can be found.

On our website, technical information on individual Osmo products can be found under the respective product page. Here you can find a detailed product description as well as a full declaration, safety datasheet and much more.

This all depends on how it is used. For routine and gentle mopping, we recommend adding Osmo Wash and Care to mop water. This is sold individually and in Osmo Cleaning Kit for Floors. Optimal tools for flooring upkeep are found in the Osmo Cleaning Kit for Floors. If flooring starts to look dull, simply refresh it with Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner. This can be done on small areas, e.g. near doors or on high traffic areas, without any visible transitions. If the signs of wear are more substantial, flooring should be recoated with Osmo Polyx®-Oil.