Trust does not grow on trees. We are constantly working on earning your trust.

Osmo was founded as a sawmill over 140 years ago; the wood finish plant has existed for more than 50 years. Still today, we have stayed true to our Westphalian roots. In our plants in Warendorf and Münster, over 350 employees work on keeping you satisfied. This where we plane and nail; this is where we develop and produce wood finishes.

Wood and finish from Germany

The label “Made in Germany” for us stands for the fulfilment of the entire product chain in our own plants. The same applies for our wood products as well as for our finishing systems. That way we can check and guarantee quality in all production steps at any time.

Wood, colour or wood with colour: with us, you are on the safe side.

More than 140
years of experience and passion for wood and finish.
Over 8200
various items for the home and garden.
In more than 60
countries throughout the globe, Osmo products are available.
About 2500
dealer worldwide carry Osmo products "Made in Germany".
Over 370
employees to assist you in person, on the phone or by e-mail.

Wood meets colour

Our passion for wood and finishes at Osmo flows directly into modern product development and research. To this day we are one of only few manufacturers who completes their value chain with coating systems developed and produced in-house.

Wood Wood

WOOD THAT LASTS. It takes 100 years for a tree to grow into solid quality. In their 100 years as a company, Osmo has gathered experience in handling wood.

Interior Wood Exterior Wood
Colour Colour

COLOUR THAT PROTECTS. Only a finish that meets the needs of wood can preserve the natural beauty and durability of wood. Osmo has played a pioneering role in the development of natural oil and wax wood coatings.

Interior Finishes Exterior Finishes


The areas wood and finish have grown together at Osmo. The in-depth competences in both areas stimulate each other and that means more reliability for you.

In our research and development department, we are constantly working on improving wood products for the interior and exterior, DIY wood finishes and professional coating systems. Many of our innovations have become timeless classics.

Practical long-term tests

Give yourself an edge over the competition with our expertise. Our research work means more product reliability for you. We analyse exactly how constructional, physical and chemical wood protection for each wood species work together, and then we adjust our finishes and care product to meet those needs. In Münster and Warendorf, we subject our product to long-term test under realistic climate conditions. The close contact between dealers and craftsmen also improves our know-how.

Recommend wood and finishes from Osmo to your customers – for a connection that lasts.


Sometimes it is the small details that make life easier: a clip for the invisible fixing of decking, for example, a professional spray wax for furniture builders, or also a packaging size that enables transport of floorboards in the boot of a car. What counts is the practical use.

We are proud of the fact that many of our inventions in the meanwhile have become standards. Thus we were the first to bring finishes based on natural oils and waxes on an industrial scale on the market. Also for new methods in installing floorboards, we have performed pioneering work.

Thereby it has been proven to be a great advantage that the product ranges wood and finish are interlinked with each other at Osmo. Even if our chemists are enthused by a new wood finish, does not necessary mean that our wood technicians are convinced – and vice versa. From this exchange, new ideas and eventually new products are born, which are ripe for the market.

We receive suggestions on the one hand by following international developments, and on the other hand from specialised dealers and customers. First and foremost the powerful know-how of technicians and craftsmen allows good ideas to be turned into products suitable for daily use. Our motto: progress must be measured against the tried and trusted. And for your satisfaction.

Don’t like things complicated? Neither do we. For us, good service means offering solutions with a practical use. And prompt. Everyone gives a hand to achieve this, from the managing director to the warehouse worker. We can fulfil special wishes on a relatively short term since a large portion of our wood products are manufactured in our own plants by hand.

An example of our flexibility in the area of wood finishes: for Country Colour finishes, your customers can select from 186 RAL and 1950 NCS colour tones, with or without biocides. Mixed colour tones are created in our Münster plant with a minimum order amount of only 2.5 litres.

We support your sales through customised advertising promotions, product training and information about innovations. Moreover we know from our hundred-year-long co-operation with wood dealers that an individual and personal consultation cannot be replaced. Talk to us – you will be surprised by what all we can offer you.