Still today, we are the only producers to coat our wood products with coatings, stains and finishes developed and produced in-house. Worldwide Osmo stands for quality from Germany.

In DIY projects, we put our creativity, knowledge and skills to the test. Nothing makes us prouder than saying: “I made this”. Currently in the DIY world, upcycling and reclaimed wood are hot topics. Creative minds use aged materials innovatively to make one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and accessories.

Suited to these trends in home and garden furnishings, Osmo manufactures wood products with an upcycled or reclaimed look to be used in DIY projects. Osmo Creativ-Boards are solid wood Spruce boards with the rough sawn texture of used wood. With Creativ-Boards, unique furniture and decorations can be created with the charm of reclaimed wood, but with the professional and even coating from Osmo. For upcycling projects with an industrial look, Euro pallets are a popular building material. These “transport helpers” are compact, stable and versatile in use. However, do-it-yourselfers face despair when they trying to sand and coat the damp and splintery wood. This is where Osmo Furniture Pallets come in handy. They are made of dried, planed Spruce wood professionally coated at Osmo facilities. Osmo DIY wood products come factory-finished in high quality wood stains and finishes developed and produced at the Osmo production halls and research labs. Unfortunately, Osmo DIY wood products are unavailable outside of Germany.

However, for the next DIY project, Osmo has a wide choice of wood finishes and stains in a multitude of colours. For projects in the garden, Osmo Country Colour produces an opaque finish on wood without any biocides; the finished wood surface retains its natural feel and texture. Country Colour in different colours can be mixed together to make an individual hues and shades. Inside the home, Osmo Wood Wax Finish adds a splash of colour to DIY projects. It comes in 14 transparent and 10 intense colours, from classic wood tones to bold primary colours. Like Osmo Country Colour, the different colour tones of Osmo Wood Wax Finish can be mixed together to create unique shades and hues. The unique wax and oil combination found in Osmo wood finishes and stains allows wood to retain its natural characteristics and to absorb and release moisture with its surroundings.

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