Osmo Farbe

Paint Stripper


For wood and metal

Dissolves and removes synthetic resin lacquers, 1-component lacquers, dispersion and latex paints, oil finishes and wood stains, dispersion glues, polymer plasters etc. on solvent-resistant substrates (wood, metal, mineral substrates, such as render, concrete or stone). It has a mild odour and therefore it can be used on large areas in both indoor and outdoor areas.

For interior and exterior
Simple application
Low odour
Dissolves and removes synthetic resin lacquers, oil coatings etc.
  1. Stir Osmo Paint Stripper well – do not thin. Test surface suitability prior to application.
  2. With a brush or trowel apply evenly, cover immediately with a thin foil and allow for sufficient reaction time.
  3. Test stripping performance occasionally with a trowel and remove dissolved coating layer.
  4. Reaction time depends on the coating type, coating thickness and ambient temperature. Remove the soft dissolved layer with a trowel and rinse with warm water, approx. 40 °C.
  5. If necessary, repeat the application.


With our finish calculator, the right amount of coating necessary for your project can be calculated quickly and easily.
Please follow our advice in the product information sheets for the correct application.

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